Future Wife





For the very first Complexcon in November of 2016, Future Wife teamed up with Skrillex and Takashi Murakami to build a 20' pressure-sensitive sphere coined Baburu (バブル). By utilizing Murakami's brilliant artwork as a static visual asset library, Future Wife worked with Vincent Houzé to create a generative shader-based reactive system for guests to manipulate and explore with their bodies. Skrillex led the sound design for the piece, building out custom compositions for each state that were spatialized and made interactive based on user-input by Gabe Liberti (of Dave & Gabe). 

Design, Engineering, Programming: Beau Burrows
Inflatable Design: Nicolas KK
On-site fabrication: Daniel Schaeffer
Audio programming: Dave & Gabe
Documentation: Jas Davis

GLSL Programming: Vincent Houzé
In collaboration with: Skrillex and Takashi Murakami

With the production support of Meta.is

Photos: Jas Davis and Takashi Murakami

© Future Wife, LLC